Wow, it’s been a while

I have had a terrible year, like so many others in the world, during the covid pandemic. My family caught it early last year, and developed long covid symptoms. I lost all sense of smell and taste, was fatigued all the time, brain fog. Losing my military job, I bounced around until I landed on my feet with Malwarebytes. I decided to focus what energy I did have on my family. I miss writing, and I miss engaging with the community..

My career trajectory has completely changed. I thought I’d be working somewhere in middle management information assurance by now, but I fell in love with product management. Now I work for Malwarebytes as a product owner helping to develop their enterprise product, Nebula.

I honestly haven’t decided yet what I want to do with this site. Infosecjon began as a way for me to publicly track my successes and failures with learning to hack. It morphed with my own interests into talking about cybersecurity basics, productivity, certification and job profiles. Now that my degree is done, and I’m not working with security engineers, I’ve lost a lot of that knowledge.

Going forward I’m probably going to write more about the security industry, what products do what, emerging technologies, etc. I also want to write about my understanding of product management life cycle. I “grew up” with Scaled Agile, but have since worked with several organizations (Humana, Cisco, Malwarebytes) and have seen how different companies do it.

Its probably going to take me a while to get back into the swing of writing again, so I’ve decided to make blog entries like this while I write longer articles. I’m also going to revamp the site.

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