Woah, what just happened?

Well, here is a simply lesson in basic IT practices.  Always have a backup, and/or always take a backup prior to installing software or making big changes.  I’ve been following the Offensive Security’s guide to Kali Linux, network security section and installed Iptables as a firewall.  The default settings blocked Burp Suite from working properly (i was going to allow port 8080 to localhost but didn’t try it yet) and blocked all downloads to the machine, whether a download off the internet or an update from a repository.  In trying to troubleshoot it, I tried removing all the rules I had put into place, but the file was in use and therefore read-only.  I thought, maybe if i uninstall my firewall, it will get allow me to use it, right?  Here is where my understanding of what happened gets a little fuzzy.  I typed apt-get remove iptables.  It worked, ran a little bit, then failed to delete all the files.    The firewall settings were still in place, so i couldn’t re-install the program and try something else.  I rebooted, for some reason, maybe hoping it would uninstall the rest of the firewall, but i booted in to what i understand to be the safe mode of linux, and unable to run any known commands to me.  I’m starting over with a fresh build.  If you are new to this, like me, please do not turn on the firewall without learning them and how to control them better and definitely not without making a backup prior.

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