VMWare certifications high-level review 1

VMWare certifications high-level review

 VMWare certifications

VMWare certifications were an important part of me moving up when I was a systems engineer.  They are a major brand in virtualization.  Most of my experience in virtualization is with some for of VMWare software, whether it is ESXI servers running through vCenter, Workstation on a single server or just player on my homelab machine.

Different levels and types

VMWare has 4 different levels of certification, VCA VCP, VCAP, and VCDX (shown above).  The different levels have different categories, shown below.

There is the Data Center track, the Network track, Cloud Management and Automation track and the Desktop and Mobility track.  Personally, I got the VCA-DCV because that was what my employer at the time would pay for. Being a VCA has attracted recruiters to me simply because they know I have experience with VMWare technology and have passed the certification.  The cost of VCA is only 150, the VCP is 250, the VCAP is 450 and the VCDX is 3,995.  The VCA is great for entry-level, even the VCP is worth it to make yourself stand out when applying for jobs that include virtualization.  The VCAP is definitely recommended for those who want to specialize in virtualization in a senior system administrator type role. The VCDX I would recommend to avoid unless your employer wants you to get it and pays.

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