What makes Agile different?

Previously I talked about how I became a product owner. I am absolutely loving working in an Agile world. It requires a different mindset. One of the key things I like to focus on is the term capacity. It represents the total amount of time/effort an engineer can perform in a period of time. Typical agile periods of time are called iterations, and are usually 2 weeks long.

When work comes in, it is written out into our backlog. We only work on what we commit to, so if we don’t have the capacity to get that new work done, it gets left in the backlog. There isn’t unnecessary pressure to get it all done when it comes in. I try to be one of those guys that protects his team from all this nonsense, and working under agile allows me to simply say ‘We are at capacity this iteration, what is the priority?’ to begin a discussion about how important the new ask really is.

Everyone I speak to who hasn’t come across Agile before just assumes it means moving quickly. It’s really a shift in mindset. Properly planning a backlog, and having processes in place allows a team to shift priorities but only on an iterative basis. It’s been really exciting for me with my career. I plan on writing more about all the new things that I have been learning over the past two years.

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