What I’ve Been Up To Lately

So 2020 has been nuts. I had big plans for the year, as did many people I know. Here in the US those all fell apart around March. I know you’ve all felt it too. I will not get into politics, but I count myself among those who read and heed medical advice when given by professionals. My family and I have played it safe, but with a lot of quality family time stuck indoors, I have not had as much time to write.

Over the last year I’ve transitioned from pure cybersecurity to a new hybrid. I am the Product Owner of an engineering team. In pure agile terms this means basically that I do not do work anymore. I am responsible for the backlog of work items and the priority of those items. The place that I work at is transitioning from traditional work to agile and so I do both that and team lead duties.

For me this was an opportunity to explore avenues into management, learn some of the business side of the tech world. My end-goal is to be a CISO “when i grow up”, so it’s important for me to grow in this area as well as maintain my foothold of cyber knowledge. I was sold into the position as a step up into a team lead role, but what I got was much more.

What I ended up doing and learning under the Scaled Agile For enterprise framework, was like stepping into a whole new world at first. I was blasted with business terms I hadn’t heard before like value stream, wip limits, requirements(in this sense), backlog and many more. Meetings are called ceremonies, time is split into artificial periods called increments and iterations. It was a tough learning curve at first, but i enjoyed every moment.

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