Vacation, site updates 1

Vacation, site updates

Take some time off!

It is great to be passionate about the topics that you love.  Can’t stress enough how important it is to take time off as well, especially with someone as busy as me.  Spend time with friends, family, playing games, sports, whatever you enjoy in life.  I believe that a well rested mind can attack problems and learn better than one without rest.

Site updates

I’m doing some upgrades to the site, playing with widgets and ads.  Some of the widgets I’m putting in are google translate widget, as I’ve noticed that I’m receiving traffic from other parts of the world that are not English speaking.  I added a plugin that is supposed to make your mobile viewing better, from what I can see on android devices the site does look better.  I’ve also added a subscribe button if you want to be e-mailed when i write new stuff.  There are also various ads on the site.  I’m experimenting with different places and if you see something malicious, please let me know, my intention is not to fool people into clicking them, cause you to have a poor experience, or force malware onto your machine.


I’ve opened up comments on the site.  Please provide feedback on what you like, or don’t like.  I appreciate any comments, even critical comments about things you feel I should fix.  If you don’t want to leave it here, leave it anywhere else or just send me an e-mail at [email protected]  I want you to have a positive experience when reading my content.

New social media

I’ve just recently started up an infosecjon on Reddit and Facebook.  If you use those services, go ahead and give me a follow.  I want to be easier to find if you have questions regarding being an IT or InfoSec professional.

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