Pentester Lab

Pentester Lab is a great website that is recommended by a lot of people. They charge a month to month fee, so its easier to get started and stop if life gets busy. The site offers badges that you can earn for completing a set of related courses, showing skill mastery in specific subsets. They are highly recommended by many people both penetration testers and enthusiasts like myself. There are also some free exercises which allow you to get a feel for how they teach.

Free classes

Pentester Lab offers a few free exercises and they can be found here. I have tried the “From SQL Injection to Shell” exercise and loved it. It was easy enough to follow the instructions, and I really felt that I learned how to perform SQL injection. They have a good mix of easy and difficult ones to try. I recommend to try them out before paying, because they count towards badges anyway. The exercises that are free don’t allow you access the online functionality.

Online exercises

One of the biggest benefits of Pentester Lab is the ability to do exercises online. Like me, many of you might not be able to hack at work, wonder why right? There are ISO files to download and run in VMWare if you have the resources, but you may not always be able to. Having them available online allows you to practice your skills from anywhere.

How much does it cost?

Pentester Lab charges by the month. They offer their courses for 19.99 per month with a 15-day money back guarantee. They have special rates for enterprise users but you have to fill out information for a quote. Finally, for students of approved universities they offer a special rate of 34.99 for 3 months, saving 25.