eLearnSecurity courses


eLearnSecurity is a very diverse training site.  They have many different course to choose from, but I will highlight the three that are of interest to me right now.  Each course offering comes in three flavors called Barebone, Full, and Elite.  The Barebone option will always be just the course material in slide-format.

Penetration Tester Student

This is the entry-level course and the adjoining certification is called the eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT).  This course begins with an introduction to InfoSec, a short stop at networking, I was able to obtain a free copy of the Barebone course for registering on The Ethical Hacker Network, a forum owned by the parent company. The Barebone version includes all the slides and a couple of free videos. The Full version costs $300 and comes with an exam voucher, 1 retake, 30 hours of lab time and all the videos. The Elite adds 2 additional tries for the certification and mobile support to study on a phone for $400.

Penetration Testing Professional V5

This course is their bread and butter hacking course.  They just recently launched the V5 of their course, and it has been improved.  It is designed to cover exploitation of systems, elevation of privileges, and hacking Wi-Fi.  The certification for this course is called the eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester (eCPPT).  It is meant for someone who is more advanced.  The Barebone costs $999 and comes with all of the training materials for the course.  Next, the Full costs $1099 and adds the videos for the course, an exam voucher, 60 hours of lab time and an additional section for Wi-Fi testing with modules, scripts and exercises.  Finally, the Elite costs $1299 and adds a Ruby section with more modules, scripts labs, and 120 hours of lab time.

Web Application Penetration Testing

It covers the basics of testing websites, like SQLi, XSS, and how to take advantage of cookies and sessions.  This course goes over a lot of what you need to know for bug bounty hunting.  The structure is similar to the PTP above, $899 for Barebone, $1099 for Full and the Elite is $1299.


The eLearnSecurity training so far has been a great experience.  I am about half way through the Penetration Testing Student course, and working towards my eJPT.  I am studying CEH material and this PTS course seems better, and costs about a third of the price.  The eJPT is a practical test, and is therefore more respected inside the InfoSec community internationally in the private sector.  In conclusion, if you are looking to get into Penetration testing, this would be a great entry-level certification to get.  Many penetration testers recommend going through the track of eJPT, eCPPT, OSCP to help break into being a penetration tester full-time.