Training Options

There are many sites out there that provide pieces of information to learn information security domains. Many of these training sites are chock full of information but are behind a paywall. I will provide a brief description of the training sites I have done research into. The main sites that I will be comparing are: SANS, eLearnSecurity, Offensive Security, Pentesterlabs, Pentester Academy and Practical Pentester Labs. In the future, I will write about EC-Council, CompTIA, and ISC2. These sites are among the most popular sites that I have encountered, and they are each unique.

A lot of different factors go into which would be the best training for you. Personally, I was looking for a self-paced course without a time limit or a weekly commitment. I started out with Practical Pentester Lab’s because it was advertised as a simple course, entry-level information and it was cheap. Then I moved on to eLearnSecurity Penetration Tester Student, and plan on purchasing and taking the eJPT exam this summer.

I will continue to update this site as I work through the different courses.