Three things you need to do before your interview 1

Three things you need to do before your interview

Getting ready for an interview can be stressful

Leaving a lasting first impression is important. I’ve covered dressing for success here, but make sure you look your best. Everyone gets caught up in the technical details they need to remember for the interview. You can do three things that will make you stand out from all the rest.  Follow these tips to enhance your chances of getting the job.

Research the company

It is the 21st century, every company should have website. Go to the site and explore as much as you can. Most companies post their company motto and a brief history. You can find out a lot of information from sites like Linkedin and Glassdoor. Try and figure out who your supervisor might be and whoever else might be there during the interview.  On Glassdoor you may find reviews from people with interview questions that they were asked.  You can find information about salary ranges and expectations too on Glassdoor and Payscale.

Social engineering is your friend

Use the information you gathered to blend in with the company culture. If the company is more laid back, alter your speech to a slower, laid back tone.  If the company is quick and fast paced, make sure your speech is too. Many interviews start with small talk for a minute or two prior to questions.  If you find out the interviewers are sports fans, mention your sports fandom casually. If they are passionate about charity, mention your charitable efforts.  Find some common link you share with them and mention it.

Walk in with confidence

It helps me to relax a bit when I feel like the job is mine already and the interview is a formality. I can focus on answering the questions and not be too nervous I forget information.  You can study all the technical information you want prior to the interview.  It won’t matter if you can’t concentrate and actually say the right answer.  Practicing in a mock interview if you know you are anxious about it.  It may also help to write down a basic script you follow for common questions.  Be prepared with terms you would accept ahead of time in case they make an offer.

What do all of these have in common?

Be prepared is a great motto to live by.  A simple bit of preparation can help you to be more organized, make better decisions and stand out as a candidate.  Every little detail that you are able to recognize is a boon.  Companies like to meet candidates who care about the details.  Being able to research comes in handy for a lot of normal day-to-day job tasks.  Troubleshooting, engineering, hacking, almost everything requires the ability to research.  It is one of those soft skills that employers won’t necessarily ask for but do require from their employees.

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