free CCNA training

Free CCNA training: hubs, switches, routers

Beginning of my free CCNA training series It is important in any IT job to understand the basics of computer networking. Computer networking is a part of everything in IT, and all of the more complex technology is built from this foundation. Many issues can be solved just by knowing how computer networking functions. This […]

IT & InfoSec Troubleshooting Tools

IT & InfoSec Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Tools Are Important I covered the basic troubleshooting methodology here. In this article we will cover some basic IT & InfoSec troubleshooting tools. There are some basic command line commands that everyone should be familiar with, and they include Ping, traceroute/tracert, ipconfig/ifconfig, netstat and Nslookup. These tools should be in every IT and Infosec […]

IT & InfoSec Interview Questions

IT & InfoSec Basic Troubleshooting

IT & InfoSec Interview Questions part 3 Troubleshooting is the most important skill anyone in any technical profession.  No matter what the job you are interviewing for is, they all require the ability to figure out problems.  At some point in your job everyday there will be problems that need to be solved.  It can […]

IT and InfoSec interview questions

IT and InfoSec basic interview questions: networking terms

IT and InfoSec basic interview questions: part two Of all of the IT and InfoSec interview questions I’ve been asked, networking terminology is very important. I have been asked about the TCP 3-way handshake, common ports and protocols, and the basics of access control lists in almost every interview. These concepts come up even in […]

IT and InfoSec interview questions

Common IT and InfoSec interview questions: DNS basics

Every interview I have been on IT and InfoSec interview questions can range from basic questions to advanced questions.  Something that I have been asked on every single interview was how does DNS work.  Knowing DNS basics is very important for troubleshooting in any IT field.  It is usually phrased like how do you get […]

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