Oh yeah, by the way… (an intro to Kali Linux)

So Kali Linux is great for people who are new like me.  I have a laptop I was using for playing video games, 12 GB of ram, decent video card, good processor.  I have decided to make CTF challenges my new hobby and give up video gaming, so I was going to use the laptop plain, and a co-worker suggested I use a Kali Linux VM.  I was trying to download tools like Wireshark, Nmap(Zenmap), and Burp Suite onto my laptop and run them from there and it was a lot of trouble to go to.  He gave me a free copy of VMWare Player (free for non-commercial use, it is similar to the VMWare Workstation version) and showed me the Offensive Security website(www.offensive-security.com).  Downloading the right VM for your situation is easy, they have plenty of distributions (ARM even, something I hope to get into a bit later when i have time hah!)

For the true beginners who happen to need help getting Kali Linux up and running, I will be posting a sort of tutorial later on once I figure out if I have it set up properly or not.  As with many things, there are so many resources out there, some dated, some missing details, and even some purposefully misleading that I am piecing together what I do from a little bit of everything(plus some good old fashioned Linux experience)

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