About me 1

Hi, my name is Jon! After serving my country as a communication electrician, I dreamed of a career in tech. I was afraid of chasing that dream and spent another 2 years in a dead-end job as a fire alarm technician. My wife kicked me out of the rut and gave me a 4-year window to achieve my goals.

Not knowing anything about the industry, I enrolled in college. They promised me an infosec job when I graduated, and I was excited. But after finishing my degree, nobody wanted to hire me. The only job in tech I could get was working on a help desk.

At one point, I had applied for over 100 security positions. We’ve all heard the same things. ‘You don’t have enough security experience’ or ‘you don’t have the right certification’. I once had an interviewer yell at me, telling me that I’d amount to nothing because I didn’t already have a CISSP after 2 years. Don’t get discouraged!

It’s difficult to break into security. I get that. You know what? I made it, and so can you. I can show you how, but more importantly, I can tell you all the things I wish I knew when I got started. Subscribe to my newsletter and you will get delivered to you the information you need to help you grow your career. Sign up to my mailing list and grow your career starting now!