My first box on HTB is retiring

Bashed is retiring, its bittersweet

In case you missed it, Bashed is retiring Sunday on Hack the Box.  It is the first box that I got user and privileged user on, but I haven’t gotten root yet.  I have a write-up just waiting for it to retire, because they do not allow write-ups for active boxes.  I hope to try again for root today or tomorrow, and I might not get it in time.  I’m alright with that because I did my best and got further on this box than any previously.  I’ll keep trying when I can and if I have to move on to another box.  Poison is another easy rated box, so I’ll probably move to that one next week.  Hack the box is a great learning tool because it offers many challenges for new and experienced hackers.

A new ethical hacking forum started back up yesterday.

The Ethical Hacker Network is a community setup for ethical hackers.  There is an online magazine, a forum, a calendar with conferences for quick reference, hacking challenge links, and book reviews.  It is owned by the same company that owns eLearnSecurity and right now you can get a free copy of their Penetration Testing Student course for signing up.  I think that ends on May 1st.


Check out my write-ups page here.

Here is the bashed user and root write-ups.

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