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Looking up IT jobs salary information

There is a lot of speculation out there about IT jobs salary

IT job salary information can be difficult to figure out.  It is important when looking at potential employment to have a basic salary calculation.  Many employers enforce an unwritten rule about not speaking about salaries.  The problem is it really does vary depending upon a lot of factors. Where you live is the number one determination. The type of job it is the number two factor. Finally, a combination of experience, education, and certifications will also change the average pay.  Trying to figure out what a specific IT job salary might be used to be difficult, but now there are a few ways of getting decent information.

I recommend using Glassdoor, Payscale, and LinkedIn to estimate your potential salaries.  Glassdoor and LinkedIn are great swiss army knife type tools.  Payscale provides great in-depth information.

Let us start with entry-level IT jobs salary

To make things simple, I’m going to use a helpdesk job in New York City and Ontario as an example.  I picked something I know would be easy to find.  Remember that salaries differ from place to place.  What I will show you is how to find information for yourself and you can use any location and job title.


Looking up IT jobs salary information 1

If you don’t already have a Glassdoor account, you need to create one to get this information.  They are a great tool to get company-specific salary information.  They also have employee reviews of companies including atmosphere, benefits information or reviews, and sometimes specific interview questions.  In the picture above they have your dashboard.  I created an account for infosecjon!

IT job salary
Estimated salary using city, job title, and generic company information.

Above is a search using a generic job title and job category.  Using a city will give you an estimated salary based on reporting in that area.  This is a good way to discover the difference in salary between job titles in your area.

Looking up IT jobs salary information 2
Estimated salary using a specific city, job title and company name.

Above is an example of searching by company.  With a job title, city and company, we get a more drilled down estimate.  I have used the estimates here to compare potential offers from employees and they have matched up pretty well.

Glassdoor is a great tool to add to your job hunting arsenal as well.  There are jobs posted you can search by company and area or by job title and area.  I have also been contacted by recruiters who saw my profile on Glassdoor.  You can go to Glassdoor here.


IT job salary
Main page of Payscale

Payscale is a site that focuses on salary and benefit information.  They don’t give exact information but convert estimated benefits to a money amount.  The information can be much more detailed and they ask for more information to give you an estimate.  Click on the bottom right where it says ‘What Am I Worth?’ to get started.  In order to get the information, they will ask you to create an account.

IT job salary
Payscale starts with the basics

Here they ask for the job title, how much experience you have, and what the location of the job might be in.  When answering about experience, I always put any relative experience I have in the field.  You might be new to a specific job title, but your experience is still valid.  Going from a developer to a sysad might be different than going from a sysad to a systems engineer.

IT job salary
Payscale asks for as detailed information as you can provide

For this demo, I left all of this information blank.  When you are going through this, you should fill in every last detail that you have.  In the first section, it is asking for skills that you think you have that are important to someone with the job title.  It then asks you for the certifications that you have that are relevant for this job.  I always list all of my certifications, from A+ to CISSP.  Finally, this page asks for shift information because traditionally, night-shift pays a little more.

IT job salary
Final questions

The final page for payscale asks for demographic information.  What degrees you have completed, what school you went to.  I always fill out the school information, but you don’t have to put anything on this page to get an estimate.  The more info you enter, the more accurate your estimate will be.

IT job salary

This is the estimate that you receive.  It shows a range of salaries for the position, meaning the lowest to highest reported.  Underneath that, it tells you what their engine thinks you are worth right now as well.  In my experience, Payscale has been fairly accurate, within a couple thousand of my actual compensation.  It is a great tool and can be found here.


IT job salary

LinkedIn’s salary estimator is a little quicker and simpler.  The salary ranges are less accurate and more generic.  It just asks you for a job title and location.  LinkedIn is more of a professional social network, that also has job offerings.  I have gotten contacted by recruiters a lot through my professional profile.

IT job salary
Salary estimate from LinkedIn

Above is what the final salary estimate looks like.  They give you the ability to look at different industry’s and change your level of experience.  One thing I like about this tool is you can easily change the experience level to see how much you would be worth in a year, or 5 years.  The other two above don’t allow you to do that as easily.


Finding out potential IT job salary information is a key part of negotiations.  If you don’t know what you are worth, you might go into it with too low or high of a figure.  It can also answer questions about what certifications you should pursue next for your job title, or what job title should you search to grow your career.  Knowing what you are worth is just one important part of being happy at work.  Some people go after the highest paying jobs, and others go after jobs doing something they love to do.  Both methods are valid but you have to figure out which is best for you.  What IT job salary tools do you use when you are hunting for work?

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