Less hacking more learning

I’ve had more and more work for my class now and less time for HTB and studying. This just means I’ll take a bit longer between posts.

The results

The poll on my twitter feed kind of revealed what I had initially thought. There were 154 total votes and a lot of comments, thanks for all the feedback . About 2/3 of voters said that if I ain’t cheatin’ I ain’t tryin’, half of the rest said that yes I was stealing other people’s hard work. I left a third options for comments and got some great ones.

The more you know

Most comments put a condition on this being ok: I have to learn from it. To just use someone else’s work is basically being a script kiddie. Looking up why the code works is the most important thing, and if I can learn how to use it and repeat it’s use in the future than its all good.

Twitter InfoSec community is great

Pretty much everyone is super nice and welcoming. If you ask a question people will answer it and help out. It’s great to have that kind of a resource because some of these guys and gals have been doing this for decades.

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