Welcome to my infosec career advice home page

I have been working in Information Technology (IT) for 5 years now and I am in my first information security role. I have picked up learning Penetration Testing as a hobby and  I am always looking for learning opportunities. Working full-time and having a large family demands much of my attention and I found it difficult to find good resources that I could spend small chunks of time studying. I decided to start this page to help people like me, who want to learn but do not know where to start.  Hopefully my infosec career advice will be useful to those in need.

I’m new to information security too

The world of information security is huge. It can be very overwhelming to someone stepping into it for the first time. I get that, I’m just beginning to explore it myself. I want this site to be able to answer your early questions about this community. My focus might be pen testing right now, but I have experience in many areas of information technology and I want to help people. My blog posts will be quicker, shorter, easy to digest if you don’t have much time.

Evolution of this site

This site started out with me blogging about things I have learned. Since then, I’ve begun began to write about more. I have started a training-course review page. There is a training lab review page with some descriptions about how difficult the labs are. My certifications page is pretty popular as well, and I will be adding ISC2 soon.  I will clean up some blog posts and continue writing about the tools I use, and how they work. As my skills grow, I will be rooting more boxes and posting more to my write-up section. Since I have become more active on Reddit, I’ve noticed there are a lot of people who ask questions about career advice.  I have added the page called information technology/information security career advice.

Ask questions, provide feedback

I hope to add content about every other day, and I welcome comments and questions. I’ve gotten tidbits and advice here and there from some really smart people to help me along the way. Giving back to the community by helping others is important to me, be it general IT questions or security questions. If you are new to IT, infosec, or just want advice, feel free to contact me. I use InfoSecJon for gmail([email protected]), reddittwitter, facebook, medium, and discord.