Getting started

I started learning about hacking from Over The Wire (OTW). Their bandit labs are great for learning/re-learning how to find files in Linux. They are simple capture the flags where you just need to find the one file inside the machine with the password for the next level inside. I started out being familiar with basics of Linux BASH, but found that I needed to read a walk through to help me with the later stages.

There are multiple mindsets about this but I’ll focus on two: Either you want to bang your head against the wall until you figure it out, or you can treat it like a class lab where you read the walk through, learn how to do the next step, then do it a couple of times until you figure it out. When I was taking classes for my BS degree, this is how class labs were structured and I found that was the best way for me to learn. Figure out the best way that you learn and do that.

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