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Facebook just can’t stop making mistakes

Facebook took down my page

I’ve had my InfoSecJon page setup on Facebook for about a month now. I’ve been growing my following and trying to spread the word about my site. I auto-post there like I do Twitter and LinkedIn and manual post in some other groups where I had permission. All was well.

Then they started to disappear

Yesterday I started getting notifications that my posts were flagged as spam. I was confused, who would mark them that way, people generally enjoy my posts as far as I know. I engage with communities and try to help people by spreading advice. They wiped away every single post I’ve ever out on Facebook. My page with all the followers is gone, not sure if they deleted it or if they just made it disappear.

What can you do?

I’ve reported every single post as not spam. I checked their community forums and apparently this happens to a lot of people. They even make it so my account can’t post links in my own group anymore. I’ve read and reread the rules and I don’t think my posts were spam. I left a question for them as well.

Apparently I’m not the only one

After reading into this issue a little bit I’ve come to understand it. If you post too quickly in multiple places you get auto blocked. This is what so many legitimate bloggers do. We post to our sites and then work through our connections to link to it. Being a new blogger this is a lesson for me.

The real issue at hand

I made connections on Facebook. That loss is big to me but that’s not why I’m so mad. There are real spammers who post on Facebook. They don’t get blocked because I see the same ones over and over. There’s wanna be skids who spam “how I hack fb” in every hacking group and don’t get blocked. I just don’t get it, it’s ridiculous.  It seems that if you commit certain actions you are automatically flagged and whenever they get around to reviewing the actions it may get fixed.  There’s case after case of legitimate businesses that can’t post links to their own page on Facebook because of this automated rule set.

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