Network Penetration Tester track

eLearnSecurity Network Penetration Tester Track

eLearnSecurity Network Penetration Tester Track eLearnSecurity is a very diverse training site. They have many different course to choose from, but they have just released training paths. I have highlighted the path for penetration testers. Each course offering comes in three flavors called Barebone, Full, and Elite. The Barebone option will always be just the […]

infosec certification goals

What should your infosec certification goals be?

Setting infosec certification goals: A lot of people new to the field don’t know much about certifications.  I see a lot of questions surrounding what certs are good for this cyber security, or what should my focus be for penetration testing.  I always recommend that people start with the basics.  It is important to build […]

VMWare certifications high-level review

 VMWare certifications VMWare certifications were an important part of me moving up when I was a systems engineer.  They are a major brand in virtualization.  Most of my experience in virtualization is with some for of VMWare software, whether it is ESXI servers running through vCenter, Workstation on a single server or just player on […]

Microsoft certification high level review

Microsoft certifications I got my first Microsoft certification for my second job. I was looking for a promotion but ended up getting laid off. Contract work can be rough like that. I applied for a new job as a systems administrator but they turned me down. It was a contract that required any of the  Microsoft […]

CompTIA certification high-level review

CompTIA is helpful The CompTIA certifications cover networking, support, blue team, red team, and everything in between. They have cornered the market on entry-level certifications. On their website there are paths tailored for whichever specialization you are interested in. When I started my IT career, I knew I wanted to get into InfoSec. I began […]

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