Struggles Starting an InfoSec Career

3 common struggles starting an InfoSec career

In his first post with, Medjay tells his story of his journey so far. He begins the story as a campus police officer, dreaming of a career in InfoSec. Medjay tried and failed to pass the CompTIA Sec+ but did not let that discourage him. He faced the 3 common struggles starting an InfoSec […]


Different types of hackers explained

To the average person, the word “hacker” evokes an image of a kid in a hoodie pounding away on a keyboard in front of several monitors in their parent’s basement. It might also invoke scenes from some of the popular hacker themed movies like War Games (1983), Hackers (1995), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo […]

fail to succeed

Fail to succeed: how I got to where I am now

Editors note:  In his first post for, Dave Collins shares an intimate story of how he’s learned to keep on going no matter what happens and how you sometimes have to fail to succeed. In this article, I want to talk about a subject that makes people uncomfortable – failure. I’m going to share […]

Always be professional (or at least don’t piss off a security researcher)

Yesterday someone asked the twitter account of a popular cellular service in Europe if they stored their passwords in plaintext. I don’t know where it came from, but they must have known something because the representative replied that they only look at the first 4 characters of a password, implying that they do. This opened […]

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