Back up on Facebook, but…

Facebook is still a mess Spammers are still all over Facebook. I don’t consider myself a spammer. I write content and put links to my content on other groups. More importantly I engage with people, ask questions and answer theirs. Spammers just throw up their links and go away. Facebook has automated rules I was […]

Vacation, site updates

Take some time off! It is great to be passionate about the topics that you love.  Can’t stress enough how important it is to take time off as well, especially with someone as busy as me.  Spend time with friends, family, playing games, sports, whatever you enjoy in life.  I believe that a well rested […]

Always be professional (or at least don’t piss off a security researcher)

Yesterday someone asked the twitter account of a popular cellular service in Europe if they stored their passwords in plaintext. I don’t know where it came from, but they must have known something because the representative replied that they only look at the first 4 characters of a password, implying that they do. This opened […]

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