Struggles Starting an InfoSec Career

3 common struggles starting an InfoSec career

In his first post with, Medjay tells his story of his journey so far. He begins the story as a campus police officer, dreaming of a career in InfoSec. Medjay tried and failed to pass the CompTIA Sec+ but did not let that discourage him. He faced the 3 common struggles starting an InfoSec […]

fail to succeed

Fail to succeed: how I got to where I am now

Editors note:  In his first post for, Dave Collins shares an intimate story of how he’s learned to keep on going no matter what happens and how you sometimes have to fail to succeed. In this article, I want to talk about a subject that makes people uncomfortable – failure. I’m going to share […]

IT job salary

Looking up IT job salary information

There is a lot of speculation out there about IT jobs salary IT job salary information can be difficult to figure out.  Many employers enforce an unwritten rule about not speaking about salaries.  The problem is it really does vary depending upon a lot of factors. Where you live is the number one determination. The […]

Three more tips to help you get ready for interviews

An interview doesn’t have to turn into a panic attack So you’ve done your research, you’ve learned about the company and what they are looking for. Now it is time for the interviews, how do you prepare for that? If you practice talking through answers to questions you will get through it. Many people forget […]

Three things you need to do before your interview

Getting ready for an interview can be stressful Leaving a lasting first impression is important. I’ve covered dressing for success here, but make sure you look your best. Everyone gets caught up in the technical details they need to remember for the interview. You can do three things that will make you stand out from […]

inspirational words written on a phone

The (not so) secret path into an information security job (part two)

I’ve covered my philosophy about information security In part one, I discussed how I view an information security job as a higher tier than information technology jobs.  This is based on my experiences applying for positions throughout my career and trying aggressively to break into the field.  Part two will complete the story of how […]

The (not so) secret path into an information security job (part one)

How to break into information security is not a secret I see the same scenario all the time.  Colleges advertise their information security program fiercely.  They tell you that upon graduation, :poof: you’re an InfoSec pro!  Yeah…no, it doesn’t work like that.  I’m a gamer, grew up playing them, I love them, especially RPG’s.  I […]

Four things to consider when starting an IT career

How my IT career started I personally started working retail sales when I was a teenager. It was the beginning of my passion for both helping people and working around computers. I took a roundabout way, a military stint as an electrician, than another job as an electrician. Finally, I had a “mid-life crisis” and […]

Three necessary non-technical skills you can work on right now to get ahead in the information technology field

There are necessary non-technical skills that help in the information technology field Everyone focuses on what technical skills they need when discussing the information technology field.  What certifications should they get or what degree program should they seek.  In order to be a professional though you need more than that.  You need to be able […]

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