2 Helpful Tips to Being More Organized

Do you struggle with getting everything done? So do I. It is one of my biggest struggles. In my previous post, I discussed setting goals, but you can’t accomplish them if you aren’t organized. In this post, I will tell you my 2 simple tips to help you be more organized. I’ll also cover a couple of products that can help as well.

Make a schedule

The first thing that you must do to get organized is to write a schedule.  My daily schedule Monday through Friday is almost the same.  I wake up the same time, I eat breakfast the same time, and I leave for work the same time every day.  I have weekly activities that I do every Monday, or bi-weekly tasks every other Tuesday.  These things stay static and so they have an assigned time every week.  In the world of information technology though, it is wildly chaotic.  Some days 5 things break and I’m running around putting out fires, and other days I’m simply doing maintenance. 

Simple Scheduling Examples

An example schedule looks something this: 0600 – wake-up, work out 0700 – shower, 0800 – breakfast, 0830 – enter commute.  This is where things shift to non-specific time.  I write down each day the daily tasks that need to get done when I get to work.  Then I write down my daily personal goals, which should be some simple, easy to do items.  Some examples might be:

  • Read a few pages in a chapter of a book.
  • Write a couple of paragraphs to a blog post/school work etc.
  • Make a phone call to schedule an appointment.
  • Write a paragraph in a work ticket about what you’ve done today.

Take Breaks!

An important item to make sure you are doing at work/school: Take breaks!  I am one of those people that used to get lost in a task.  I’d work on something for hours missing meals sometimes until a task got done.  In the world of information security, sometimes it takes hours to figure out an issue and fix it.  You still have to take breaks.  In the grand scheme of the things, taking 5-10 minutes away from an issue to relax will not hurt your productivity.  In fact, taking at least 5 minutes every 30 can help to increase your productivity.  I used to play those silly games on my phone for 5 minutes to completely take my mind off of work.  I also like to take a quick walk around the office, or warm up some food in a microwave.

Being More Organized

This is what the Pomodoro timer looks like

Pomodoro Technique

There is a time management technique called Pomodoro. You can read more about its origins here. Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes and start a task. When it rings, you set it for 5 minutes and relax. After that cycle, you start another 25-minute work cycle and another 5-minute break. I do that 4 times and then take 20 minutes. I use this Pomodoro app online as a timer, it is free and simple to use.

Ultimate Bundles

I won’t take all the credit for getting my goals organized though.  I found solutions to help me learn and build my skills. Ultimate Bundles has a Genius Blogger Toolkit that helped me to get organized with my blog. It was a bundle package with a lot of courses that covered blogging topics like how to manage time and how to write better. It changed the way that I write, how I approach people and improved my message. I’m a big fan of bundles because they can help save you money. Bundles sometimes include materials that you wouldn’t purchase on your own but you find are very useful.

Productivity Bundle

Ultimate bundles now have a Productivity Bundle (Affiliate Link). I was able to purchase it earlier because I’m an affiliate of them, and I was excited to see the material inside. It’s 46 products, 14 eBooks, 14 eCourses, 26 printable packs and 1 summit that by themselves are worth $1506. They’re only charging $49.97 for this bundle, about 97% discount. I paid $99 for the blogging bundle, this is practically a steal.

What is inside the bundle?

I got my copy already, and I am diving into the ‘Organzing your time with Trello’ course already. My personal weakness is managing my time because I work, blog, have a family to take care of and try to study new topics. This course reached out to me because it deals with how to get more organized, something I still need to figure out. The categories that are within this bundle are:

  • Time Management – Be more organized with your time to be more efficient.
  • Daily Planners – Pre-designed planners you can print and use.
  • Goal Setting and Planners – You won’t accomplish anything without having goals.
  • Home Management and Planners – A clean house is a healthy house.
  • Mindset and Self-Care – You have to take care of yourself before you can do work for others. This is very important to me because it is something I ignored and I suffered for it.
  • Productivity at Work – Work/Life balance, being efficient and productive at work.

Be More Organized

Go take a look at the Productivity Bundle website here (Affiliate Link) and see for yourself. Due to the popularity of the bundle, they’ve reopened it but at a higher price of $49.97. This is a great deal, at a great price and if you are interested in being more productive, you don’t want to miss out.

If you want to see more free material about setting goals, check out my post about setting Short and Long Term Goals.

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