bashed write-up now posted

bashed has now retired

I have posted my write-up on how I got the user flag on bashed here.  This will updated in the future with root flag when I have time to do it (probably this week). I wanted to post my first attempt at a write-up and get some feedback about how to do write-ups.

New section, future potential

I have put the bashed write-up on my new page for write-ups. Every time I do a challenge I plan on writing about it here. For now it’s just bashed but I’ve already done a few that I will post about soon.

Thanks for reading

I appreciate all the support I have gotten from everyone. Many people have read my content and offered me advice, feedback and encouragement. I’ve changed the theme of my site, added a bunch of new pages and tried to organize things a bit so let me know what you think.

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