bashed root attempt and more (update)

bashed root attempt

I’ve been working on the bash root attempt and have it mostly put together. Should I include more pictures or was the amount from the user write up just right? Should be able to finish that one up tonight.

Which box next?

I ended up netting zero points on hack the box because of their system. I finished bashed after it retired and the points you do get go away. Ultimately, that doesn’t matter because my purpose is to learn and grow my knowledge of hacking. I’d still like to do a box before it retires so I might try and do another easy rated one, like poison.

Still so much to do

I still plan on putting together pages with information about sites with free or paid hacking labs, finish a couple of more training sites, put together my intro to kali pages and dive deep into my PTS course from eLearnSecurity. Right now im running kali linux on an old gaming laptop and i want to put together a big server for my home lab, I might do some research into things like proximox, VirtualBox and vmwareKeep coming back from time to time to check out the new stuff and if there’s something that you want me to write about, drop me a line on twitter, discord or at [email protected]

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