Back up on Facebook, but…

Facebook is still a mess

Spammers are still all over Facebook. I don’t consider myself a spammer. I write content and put links to my content on other groups. More importantly I engage with people, ask questions and answer theirs. Spammers just throw up their links and go away.

Facebook has automated rules

I was explained that their rules automatically detect spammy behavior and shut those accounts down. I would write a post, and copy links in all the groups. Facebook doesn’t like that. Matt explained to me that I should post things one at a time. I also did some research into Facebook marketing.

There is a workaround

Lots of people suggest that I simply post my material one at a time, putting different articles in different groups every hour. This seems to work skirting past the automated bots Facebook uses. That’s great news for the little guys like me trying to spread their message. Unfortunately the spammers know this too. They use bots to literally post once an hour or so.

One more thing

I replied to every spam report but nothing happened. I tried to find a way to contact someone but there isn’t any help for pages. The only way to get a human being directly is to e-mail their advertiser help address. They don’t care about you unless you might spend money.

Speaking of paying money

I am a paying customer. I used Facebook ads to play around with growing interest in my Facebook page and blog. I wanted to run a test with the same ad in Canada and the United States. I got hit by a bunch of fake profiles liking my page from the US ad.

They need to do better

Their automated rules don’t accomplish their main goal. They don’t get rid of obvious fake accounts. Customer service only responds to people who pay for ads. If they want to clean up their image, Facebook needs to do better.

Facebook just can’t stop messing up.

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