Agile, Meet Information Assurance

So last time I spoke briefly about what I’ve been up to lately. In 2019 I began to transition into a team lead type role called a Product Owner. Learning the Scaled Agile Framework has been a little bit crazy. It’s built off of Agile, a method of managing work built for software engineering. My organization wanted to move our information assurance wing over to that management style and so we did.

There are so many differences between what I’ve begun to just call ‘traditional’ project management and scaled agile framework. It actually incorporates a number of methodologies and uses them like tools from a toolbox. One tool used is Kanban, like the trello boards I had just began to use for my home organization.

I initially took over a very small team of engineers who built and maintained a security tool. One guy worked in the ‘dev’ lab, and the other worked in ‘prod’. Dev is where things were tested, and prod was the live enterprise. Forecasting their work was easy once I became familiar with the tool. I had been an engineer on that contract for years before taking the promotion. The difficult part was dealing with upper management.

When I was a worker bee, it was me, my team, my team lead and thats it. I had to support others, fix my tool when it was broken and interact with people. Being a Product Owner, I had to work with a Product Manager and a senior leader they called a service executive. Trying to understand the business lingo, translate it to something that my team could understand, and stick to commitments is the hardest part of my job.

In 2021, I plan to write more about Scaled Agile Framework, and how I’ve been able to make it work in the Information Assurance world. So many people who have heard of Agile have misconceptions that it doesn’t translate to anything but software engineering. At first, I thought the same. The methodologies brought together for Scaled Agile though do make it work.


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