What is Ageism? 1

What is Ageism?

Ageism is real.

Had a conversation with someone today about Ageism.  He was worried he was too old to start a career in IT.  Ageism is very real.  But people don’t understand what ageism means.  My ‘generation’ grew up before computers were in every household.  I remember using my first PDA thinking ‘wow this is great’.  I didn’t even have a smart phone until after 2010.  We are competing for tech jobs with kids who grew up with a computer or tablet and had a smart phone when they were teens or younger.  I know teens right now who are learning modern programming languages in high school classes.  Some I’ve worked with have A+, Net+ and Sec+ from their high school.

How can we prevent the effects of Ageism?

It’s all about how much we research, keep up with trends, teach ourselves about new technology.  Our ‘generation’ might find it more difficult to initially learn, but that can easily be overcome.  The real problem is that many people get complacent. Newer, younger tech minded kids replace them because they get stuck with the old tech and left behind.  I’ve replaced people who were on the job for 20 years and were stuck in windows 2003 world.

Anyone no matter how old they are has to keep learning, and stay current in their field.  Get a certification, increase your education, grow a home-lab and tinker.  Staying in the job is not always about your current job specifically.  You never know when they might ask you to do something different for a one-off task.  The person who can help out in a pinch will be the new rock-star, and if you never tried that task before, it won’t be you.

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