setting goals for 2020

2 Helpful Examples Of Setting Goals For 2020

It is the end of the year, and we’ve done our review of 2019 goals. Now, it’s time to work on setting goals for 2020. 2019 brought on a change in my career goals, new personal struggles, and a game-changing decision. I’m going to walk you through my thought process for developing goals and use my own as an example. For more details about setting goals, check out this post about short and long term goals.

setting goals for 2020

Professional Goals For 2020

When creating goals for the new year, I first take a look at my long term goals. Last year, after careful thought and consideration I changed my career goal. I want to be a CISO one day. I know I need managerial experience, like managing people and projects. I took a new job over the summer that is helping me to get that experience.

Goal: Become a CISO

In researching the job of a CISO, I’ve discovered that it requires a lot of skills. This is a multi-year, long term goal. I’ll dive deeper into this in a future article, but there are some key areas I need to grow in:

  • Managing Projects – There are always a lot of moving parts, and it is important as a leader to understand who is doing what, and when.
  • Managing people – People make or break whether my team, or the entire company succeed. Learning to effectively communicate the mission, while also taking care of the needs of people who work with me is vital.
  • Earn responsibility, over time – You can’t go from a team lead to a CISO overnight. You need to start small, learn and grow, show competency, and move up. A simple progression might be a team lead to a manager, to a director, to jr executive or vice president, to sr executive or CISO.

Long-Term Goals For 2020

To prove competency, there are building blocks I can use to prove myself. I can seek out several different certifications to show knowledge. I like to be vague with my long term goals, and drill down with short term goals. I’ve come up with the following long term goals for 2020:

  • Obtain certification for this career path by the end of 2020
  • See a project through from start to completion

How Can I Accomplish These Goals?

Once I have my long term goals set, I figure out the steps needed to get there. I’ll look at each one of these individually. What do I need to do in order to succeed?

Obtain Certification

This is a very vague long term goal. What are the certifications I should be looking at for information security management? What knowledge do I have to gain? How do I actually obtain it? Here are the steps I will follow:

  1. Research relevant certifications – Ask co-workers, search online, and compare what is out there to the long term goal of becoming a CISO.
  2. Compare various certifications – I like to write out a pros and cons chart, including cost, the time I think it will take to achieve, and the level of effort required.
  3. Decided which one to pursue, and write a plan – Choosing can be difficult, but once done a plan must be made.
  4. Using the plan as the final short-term goal, execute and achieve success.

See A Project Through From Start To Completion

I’ve been involved in many projects in my career, but none within this company and none as a team lead. There is a lot to keep track of, people to keep on top of, and pieces that have to be held together. Being new to all this, there is a lot to learn. My team is planning to do a project in 2020, and I will set up goals along the way. Here are the steps that I will follow:

  1. Research internal company processes – This is a crucial first goal, because I don’t know what I don’t know right now.
  2. Write out a complete list from start to finish of what needs to happen – Once I know what processes are, I need to establish a roadmap.
  3. Make sure my team is trained up on the processes – This is the important next goal, making sure we don’t waste time on the wrong things.
  4. Come up with an execution plan with the team – I’m a fan of having a plan. Hmm, I should put that on a t-shirt
  5. Execute the plan – the final short-term goal is to follow through

Personal Goals for 2020

Personal goals are just as important. You need to step outside of work and take care of yourself in order to stay efficient. Burn-out is real and easy to fall into. For 2020, I actually signed up for a program from Yes Fit, their 2020 challenge. Why is this race my goal? I wanted to set a fitness goal, but choosing something like ‘lose 5 pounds’ is difficult. When it comes to losing weight or shrinking your belly, there are too many unknown variables. A good goal is something that you can control.

Goal: Run the 2020 Challenge

This is a perfect goal to use for the other method of goal-setting. Normally I make a long-term goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-sensitive. This challenge is open-ended: The goal is to run as much as you can in 2020. For this, there really isn’t any long-term goal, so you must begin with short-term goals. There are two categories I’ll use to accumulate mileage:

  • Running on a treadmill/track
  • Hiking on trails

Running On Treadmill/Track

I haven’t mentioned it before, but I’ve been running with my wife to help her train for a 5k. We’ve been running 2 days a week, and in 2020 I want to expand on that and run 3 days a week. Right now, we run about 3 miles per run, and I’d like to run 4 miles per run. Knowing I might not always have the time to run 4 miles, I am setting my goal to be running 12 miles a week.

Hiking On Trail

My entire family loves to hike. We enjoy being in nature, the smells, the sites, and the sounds. Right now we only do this maybe once a month. We are lucky to live around a lot of parks with well-maintained trails. My children can only last about 1.5 miles hiking on their little legs. My goal is to hike with my family 2 times a month for 1.5 miles.

These Are Just Some Examples

You might have completely different goals. Everyone is at different points in their lives. Your takeaway from this post is to follow through my mindset as I go over my own goals. My hope is that you can figure out your own goals using my examples.

Setting Goals For 2020 Is Easy

Follow through my examples to help craft your own goals. If you are someone who struggles with planning and organization, check out this post with 2 helpful tips for being more organized.

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