If you are looking to start or grow your career in Information Security, you are in the right place! I am InfoSecJon, a career professional with 7 years of experience in IT and InfoSec. On this site, you will find 4 main categories:

Information security career coach
information security career coaching
cybersecurity career coach
cybersecurity career coaching
cybersecurity career mentor
cybersecurity mentor
information security mentor
There are many opportunities awaiting you in the world of Information Security

New to Information Security?

If you are just beginning your career, it can be overwhelming. The world of information security is large and ranges from technical to non-technical roles. I want to help you learn about the various career paths and guide you towards your dream job. Go check out the Grow Your Career page to get learn how to get started!

Looking to Upgrade Your Career?

I have been where you are. Wanting more satisfaction with my job, but not knowing what to do. Maybe you realized you don’t like what you do and want to change directions? Learn from my experiences by checking out the Grow Your Career page.

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